Before Your Visit

To accept a new patient, we must collect a significant amount of information from you. You will be asked to fill out forms pertaining to personal identification, insurance, medical history and your specific injury or problem. We understand that this is time consuming and sometimes cumbersome. However, the information you provide is vital for the diagnostic process. Without it, our providers are unable to arrive at the proper diagnosis and treatment plan. The information you provide is also necessary to bill your insurance for the services we provide. We will mail or fax the necessary forms to you ahead of time, or you can simply use this website to download the appropriate forms for your physician, so you can have them completed when you arrive for your appointment.

Choose your care team to download the necessary forms:
Please also take a moment to read the following:
Phone Calls

Telephone calls will be answered 24 hours a day. If the call is made during business hours our staff will assist you directly. If you call after office hours, you will be referred to an answering service, and a covering practitioner can be paged, if necessary. If a serious or life threatening emergency occurs, call 911 or go immediately to the nearest emergency room.
Our staff has been trained to handle all incoming calls and determine the nature and urgency of your problem. This allows our physicians to care for office patients with minimal interruptions. Please make all non-emergency calls during office hours. Patients should not expect to speak directly with a physician over the telephone. Direct conversation with a physician will usually require that you schedule an appointment to come into the office.


Many insurance companies require the patient to obtain referrals. Occasionally, HMO insurance will require that our office obtain the referral for the patient. When this is necessary, we are always glad to do so.

Workers’ Compensation

In all workers’ compensation cases, you must bring information for billing that includes the employer’s name, date of injury, insurance company name and address, and your WCB and carrier case number. All information must be received before the date of your appointment.

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and Personal Liability

Our office will occasionally accept patients who have been injured and expect their medical costs to be covered by car insurance or a third-party liability settlement. Since we have no guarantee of payment from these sources, we expect payment of our billed charges to be made at the time of service. Any insurance or liability settlement which may occur can then be paid to the patient. In some cases where we have contact with a reliable insurer, we will see liability patients without up-front payment. We ask that bills be paid promptly, even though you may be involved in a liability action against someone else.

Insurance and Billing Information

For your convenience, all departments are accessible through our main telephone number; please call (860) 728-6740.

The personnel in our billing department would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding charges for your care. If necessary, they are available to set up a flexible payment plan that can meet your particular needs.

We have contracts with most insurance companies and managed care organizations and we will file claims for all services under these programs. The only way to know for sure if your insurance will cover you to visit us, is to contact your insurance company directly. Please be prepared to pay co-payments and/or deductibles at the time of service. Cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

As the patient, you are responsible for payment for no-fault or private insurance, and in cases involving litigation. Please be aware that your insurance may not always cover the entire bill, and that you may have to pay deductibles or residual percentages.

Office Policies

You may call our main office at (860) 728-6740 to make an appointment with any of our physicians for any of our locations. We try to see patients in a timely manner to minimize any inconvenience to our customers. Unfortunately, the practice of orthopedic surgery involves the care of many emergency situations. When these situations arise, unexpectedly, your appointment may need to be rescheduled. We apologize in advance if this happens to your scheduled appointment.

At times, there may be unavoidable delays in the timeliness of your appointment, though we make every attempt to avoid this occurrence, each patient is treated equally and is provided the appropriate time to treat their individual condition. We hope that you understand and have patience. However, we realize that you have other commitments, if this is the case and your appointment is delayed and you prefer not to wait, we will be happy to reschedule your appointment.

If you are coming for an appointment for yourself and you are the parent of a small child, we ask that you try to avoid bringing them with you for your visit. Discussing your health issues, performing an appropriate physical exam, and/or obtaining x-rays are often difficult with small children present. You may also want to consider bringing another responsible adult who can watch your children while you are with the physician.

We appreciate every effort on your part to remember your appointment, however; as a courtesy to our patients, our offices provides a reminder call prior to your appointment.


If your appointment needs to be cancelled with one of our physicians, 24 hours notice must be provided; however, if this is not possible, please give as much notice as possible. Early cancellations give other patients the opportunity to utilize that available time slot. Appointments can be cancelled by calling (860) 728-6740. At the time of the cancellation, one of our staff members will reschedule the appointment.


No account will be turned over to collection without first being reviewed by the treating physician. The following criteria are used for sending an account to collection:

  • The patient’s check is returned by the bank and no effort is made to replace it after 10 days.
  • More than 90 days and three billing cycles have lapsed without payment.
  • Attempts have been made to collect by the billing personnel without success.
  • The patient has failed to follow through with agreed-upon financial arrangements.
  • The account is submitted to a collection agency after your physician’s approval is obtained.
  • A letter is sent to the patient notifying him/her that the account has been forwarded to an outside collection agency and that the practice will be available to him or her for emergencies but with cash payment.
  • The account is transferred to collections and placed in the collection status.
  • A note is made in the medical record and patient account that the chart is in suspended status.
Returned Check Policy

All returned checks will have a processing fee of $50.

When a check is returned, a letter is sent to the patient notifying him/her that the account has been forwarded to collection and that the practice will be available to him/her for emergencies but with cash payment. The account is transferred to collections and placed in the collection status. A note will be made in the account that the specific check payment has been returned and the account is charged with the returned-check processing fee. The patient is contacted and notified that he/she has 72 hours to present at the office with the cash, money order, certified check, or credit card; otherwise the check will be forwarded to the state’s worthless check/fraud unit. The patient is informed when he/she makes payment that the office will no longer accept a personal check as payment.

Prescription Refills

Medication questions and requests for additional medication from our patients are important issues that are taken very seriously by our physicians and staff. Please consider the following policies so that we may better serve you. Please call your pharmacy to request a prescription refill. Please allow 48 hours for your refill request be electronically submitted, approved and returned to the pharmacy.

For a refill on narcotic medications, please call our office directly during normal business hours. Medications will not be refilled if a patient continues to miss scheduled appointments. All patients must be seen by their physician a minimum of every 60 days to continue to receive narcotic medications. If you have had surgery and have problems with the medication you were given immediately after your surgery or are experiencing nausea, uncontrolled by over the counter medication please call our office at (860) 728-6740. Your questions will be addressed at that time.


If you have an emergency after hours, one of our physicians will be on call to assist you.


All of your medical records, office notes, and correspondence are absolutely confidential. Information will be released to your spouse or family members only with your written permission. Family members are, of course, welcome to accompany you on your visits here if you wish. Reports concerning your health will not be released without your written authorization.

Tests and Hospital Admissions

If you need to be scheduled for tests at other facilities, our staff will help with the necessary arrangements. Please be aware that your insurance plan may limit the facilities you may use to those that they contract with, so the facility that you must use may not be the one we recommend, or the most convenient. Please understand that this is completely beyond our control. We will do everything possible, within those limitations, to schedule procedures at your convenience. We may need your help with pre-certification of your test, and again, we request your cooperation.

Surgery Patients

The physician’s secretary will make all arrangements for your surgery. Your help with this process will be appreciated. Prior to your surgery, we will explain as fully as possible what you can expect to experience. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have. Once you have been discharged from the hospital, please call if you have any questions or worrisome symptoms. Specifically, be sure to call if your experience excessive pain, fever, wound redness, or incision drainage. You may call at any time for these questions and the physician on call will be contacted.

Request for Medical Records Release

If you need to pick up a copy of your medical records or you need to have your medical records mailed or faxed to another physician, please complete our Authorization to Disclose & Transfer Protected Health Information Form (.pdf). (You need Adobe Reader to open .pdf files. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free at the bottom of this page.) Upon completion, you will need to hand-deliver, mail or fax the form to our Hartford office.

Download link: Disclose & Transfer Protected Health Information Form

Medical Records Release July 21

We are sorry for any inconvenience these policies may cause, but due to changes in the law and the HIPAA privacy laws (.pdf), these policies have become necessary.



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