The medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, care, and treatment of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons; the elements that make up the musculoskeletal system. Finding the right specialist for your specific issue can speed along the healing process greatly. We have superior orthopedic doctors who focus on specific areas of the body to provide expert specialized care.

Urgent Care - Open

    We now have two orthopedic Urgent Care facilities, conveniently located in Enfield and now Vernon; staffed with experienced orthopedic doctors and specialty trained physician assistants, capable of treating all orthopedic problems and injuries. Walk right in! No appointment necessary, but please call before visiting if possible 860.728.6740


We offer a specialized Workers’ Compensation program with an emphasis on providing comprehensive orthopedic care with a focus on individualized treatment, fast and lasting healing, and returning our patient—your employee— back to work in a safe and timely fashion.

Sports Injuries

    We have dedicated specialists who specifically focus on the prevention, care and treatment of sports injuries. Our orthopedic doctors are surgeons who work with leading sports teams, so we know how to best address issues around training and conditioning, surgery and rehabilitation. Our sports medicine teams are committed to providing the best care and treatment to get you back to enjoying your favorite sports and activities as quickly as possible.


Bloomfield Urgent Care Patients Now Treated in Vernon

From September 7th urgent care patients in Bloomfield will be looked after in our office in Vernon, 224 Hartford Turnpike. Conveniently located close to junction 65 off I84, only 10 minutes from Bloomfield, the brand new, state of the art office is open from 8:30-4:00 during the week and from 10:00-3:00 on Saturday.

See Our New TV Commercial

We have a new TV commercial playing now, showing off our general capabilities, we hope you like it! You can see it HERE.

New Orthopedic Urgent Care in Vernon

July 12th 2021 will see the opening of AONE’s third orthopedic urgent care center. The new Urgent Care, located in Vernon, is staffed with experienced orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants, capable of treating all types of orthopedic injuries.

Dr. Kruger Spine Surgeon Featured in Trinity Health Ad

Our spine surgeon, Dr. David Kruger, was recently chosen to feature in a new TV advertisement for Trinity Health of New England; they wanted the very best! You can see the ad here.

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