Our specialists are experts in all areas of general orthopedic care—sprains, strains and fractures.

Many people wonder when it’s time to see an orthopedic doctor. Visiting the orthopedic specialist can speed recovery time if there is a suspected traumatic or repetitive motion injury to a bone, joint, or tendon. In addition, an orthopedic doctor is an important part of treatment when a patient is experiencing chronic joint, bone or muscle pain, is diagnosed with a rheumatic disease, or has arthritis.

Advanced Orthopedics New England offers effective and comprehensive techniques for the assessment and treatment of simple and complex orthopedic injuries and diseases in patients of all ages. We provide skilled, compassionate care focused squarely on the needs of the individual patient. Each treatment recommendation is founded on an in-depth analysis of the individual patient’s medical needs, overall health, and personal treatment objectives to ensure optimal outcomes. Our doctors are the finest surgeons, who are highly trained in their field of expertise and are dedicated to getting you back to your optimum health and activity as soon as possible.

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